Sunday, 28 August 2016

Mike Spent Black Belt - I Am A Lion


  I assume you've all heard of San Diego punk legends The Spent Idols? If you have then skip to the next paragraph, anyone else I'd recommend you check out Angelo Ruggiero's awesome Rawk Un Roll Blog which is crammed with articles, reviews etc and will fill you in on the band :

  Today's update features the debut single by Mike Spent Black Belt. Mike, has been the driving force behind Spent Idol/Spent Idols for well over 3 decades (he also featured in several other bands such as New York Whores, G.I. Bleeds, Mike Spent Hour, Mystery Girls, Last Years Heros and The Spents). He shared his favourite songs with this blog a while back :

  Last year saw The Spent Idols return after a 18 year hiatus with the excellent Land Of The Lost double cd (there's a taster of that release here : Recently the single, which I'm featuring on here today, surfaced. Mike Spent Black Belt is the name of the latest project and they're more mature and considered than the snotty, raw punk n roll sound of The Spent Idols but as you'll hopefully agree every bit as catchy and wonderful. You can pick up the single here :

  This is I Am A Lion........


  1. Magnifique! (It means magnificent in French, not sure..)

  2. Excellent Mick, keep up your good reviews!