Sunday, 14 August 2016

Get Dead - She's a Problem

"she's so sick, crawling out of her skin
  a quick fix and she's at it again
  you should just quit
  you're never gonna win this game.
  she's got a habit, it's fucking tragic
  that girl's an addict
  but it doesn't seem to matter to you
  because you love her anyway....."

This week's Just Some Punk Songs show will air today (Sun 14/08/16) at 8pm (UK time) and will feature an hour's worth of mostly new music. One of the bands to feature will be Get Dead. To listen, click here at 8 (GMT) : If you miss the show, check out the show reel section as they're all saved there.

  Get Dead are from San Francisco and formed in 2007. Mixing both electric and acoustic styles of punk rock, they're a passionate 5 piece comprising Sam King (lead vocals), Tim Mehew (bass/vocals), David "Moki" Marino (guitar/vocals), Mike McGuire (guitar/vocals) and Scott Powell (drums).

  Their first release was a 3 song demo called Forged In The Furnace Of Rad (2007) and this was followed a couple of years later by an acoustic ep (Letters Home) and an electric S/T ep. A second acoustic release, Tall Cans & Loose Ends followed in 2012 but it was their 2013 album, Bad News which saw them step up a level after it was added to Fat Mike's Fat Wreck Chords roster. Staying with Fat Wreck, they released 2014's Bygones ep and now they're picking up plenty of positive vibes for their new album, Honesty Lives Elsewhere. You can check out all those releases here :

  They've been likened to acts such as Swingin' Utters and The Menzingers whilst the new album features contributions from the likes of Lagwagon, toyGuitar & Old Man Markley.

  A different song will feature on the show but for the blog, this is She's A Problem.....

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