Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Batfoot! - At The Alley

  Batfoot! are your typical American old school pop punk band reminiscent of the likes of Kobanes or early Teenage Bottlerocket etc. Fast paced, fun, with often wonderfully juvenile lyrics. They write songs about girls being psychopaths, being down in the basement, staying off work, girls being "the one" etc. Everything we've come to love from this sort of Ramones loving U.S. breed of band. The surprising thing is, they're from Sydney, Australia. And they're bloody good.

  Featuring Craig (bass/vocals), Justin (guitar/vocals), Jimmy (drums) and Luke (guitar/vocals), they've been together since 2008 and they've a bunch of releases over on Bandcamp for you to check out :

  Their latest album, one of the best of the year so far, is out now on Atomic Brain Records (Aus/NZ) and Bloated Kat Records (North America/Europe/Asia). Here's a song from it, At The Alley.....

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