Monday, 22 February 2016

The Moans - Tamara's Got A Problem

  The Moans are a Californian 3 piece pop punk band who's members are from Lodi, Stockton and Sacramento. The line up of Matt (Bennett) Crap (vocals/bass), Jeff (Hollandsworth) Reset (drums/vocals) and Danny Secretion (guitar/vocals) are also in a number of other bands (The Crappys, Hit Reset, The Secretions to name just 3) whilst Matt is also head honcho of Outloud! Records.

  Formed from the ashes of Ramones tribute band The Shitty Ramones back in 2011, they sing about cannibals, zombies, ghost ships, graverobbers from outer space and demonic possession and have thus far released an album (From Underground), a split 7" with The Hung Ups and an ep (Arrested For Possession). You can check them out here :

  They recently had a new song called Hey Jamie Lee featured on the Outloud! Records First Four Years sampler and you can snap that up here :

  This was on the split 7" and I'm fairly confident in saying it's about the Russian pensioner Tamara Samsonova who would kill, cook and eat a number of people over a period of 2 decades. It's called Tamara's Got A Problem.....

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