Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Ill Repute - Clean Cut American Kid

  Forming in 1981 in Oxnard, California, Ill Repute are a hardcore punk band that along with contemporaries such as Dr Know, RKL, Aggression etc were classed as Nardcore (the name an abbreviation of Oxnard Hardcore).

  Their original line up featured John Phaneuf (vocals), Tony Cortez (guitar), Jimmy Callahan (bass) and Carl Valdez (drums) and early releases of note were the Oxnard - Land Of No Toilets 7" and the 1984 debut album, What Happens Next although one of their best known songs (the one you'll find below) appeared on volume 3 of the Rodney On The Roq series on Posh Boy Records.

  There's been numerous releases since then, including compilation albums and appearances on various samplers etc but one item worth tracking down is the Clean Cut American Kids : The Story Of Ill Repute documentary dvd.

  The song that spawned the dvd title, this is Clean Cut American Kid.....

I’m a clean cut American kid
My mama raised me right I ain’t no skid
I got a job I pull my own
Got a place I can call my home

I’m a clean cut American kid
I’m a clean cut American kid
I’m a clean cut American kid
I’m clean cut

I don’t smoke and I don’t drink
Use deodorant so I don’t stink
Wear a white T-shirt under my clothes
Never fart or pick my nose

I’m a nice guy I’m so polite
I turn the other cheek I never fight
Take a bath everyday
And you can hear all the people say

Go fishing with my dad
You know I’m always such a happy lad
Go to bed every night at 10
I brush my teeth with a wide white grin

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