Monday, 16 November 2015

Bovver 96 - Knuckle Girls

  Back in time a few years today, Bovver 96 were an Oi band from Philadelphia who between 1996-98 released a couple of eps and an album. Unlike most Oi bands, this lot featured female vocals, courtesy of Jersey Diabla (aka Deidre). Also in the band were Juston (drums), Andy (guitar/backing vocals) and Jeff (bass).

  The ep's were Ghetto Oi (1996) and Knuckle Girls (1997) and the album, which came out in 1998 was called 96 Bottles Of Beer.

  Recorded at Cycle Sound Studios and released on Steelcomb Records, this is Deidre shouting loud and proud that her and her friends are more than a piece of ass, it's called Knuckle Girls......


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