Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Bats Out! - Flying Blind

  Another Canadian band today, this time from Regina, Saskatchewan.

  Bats Out! got together in 2013 with the intention bringing old school street punk music to a scene that's just a little too pop punk orientated for their liking. Taking their name from the Cock Sparrer song, the line up is Scott Free (lead vocals), Brian Templeton (bass), Pieman (drums) and Mark (lead guitar, vocals). They were originally a 5 piece but recently slimmed down following the departure of guitarist Shane Kachur.

  Following the inclusion of a couple of tracks on the Oi! This Is Street Punk Volume 5 comp, they've just released an ep on Pirates Press Records and are attracting plenty of attention and positive reviews. More singles and an American tour are very much on their agenda.

  A typical example of their fast paced, no holds barred sound, this is the title track from the ep, Flying Blind......


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