Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Wunder Years - Hopeless Romantic


  From Berkeley, California, The Wunder Years (yep, that's Wunder not Wonder) were together between 1998 and 2001 and originally featured Brian Moss (vocals/guitar), Nate Jensen (guitar), Peter Sullivan (bass) and Adam Elliot (drums). Later line ups included Josh Staples (bass/vocals), Shane Stevens (vocals/guitar) and Caitlin Love (drums).

   Their first release was the Take It Off, Let It Go, Start From Scratch ep (1998), they followed this up with an album, Pitstops On The Road Less Travelled (1999) and finally there was 2001's Function Over Fashion ep. All were on Tomato Head Records.

  Their Pitstops... album is an example of how to make top notch emotional pop punk and often reviewers offer up comparisons with Jawbreaker or The Broadways. Raw, heartfelt songs about life and being a kid it's one of those albums that passed most people by but made converts of many of those who did discover it. Brian Moss later featured in The Ghost, Hanalei, Olehole and Great Apes.

   This is Hopeless Romantic........

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