Friday, 7 August 2015

The Repossessed - Defaid

  Today's song is by a 4 piece all female "snotty hardcore/punk"  band from Sheffield called The Repossessed. They feature Donna (vocals), Claire (guitar), Lauren (bass) and Leah (drums).

  Last year saw them release a 6 track demo (which you can buy "name your price" here : A couple of months ago they returned with their first proper 7", released on Muscle Horse Records it's called Born. Work. Die. and it's seen them earn rave reviews and comparisons to such luminaries as The Ejected and The Partisans. One of the tracks can be snapped up here :

  Sung in Donna's native Welsh language (so I've no idea what she's singing about though the English translation of the song title is sheep), this is an upbeat, catchy as fuck spitball of bile that's highly likely to end up in my end of year list of 2015's top tunes. This is Defaid.....

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