Monday, 3 August 2015

The Regressives - Lt. Pigott (We Salute You)

  Firstly some background info on today's song.....On 24th September 2008, NYPD Lieutenant Michael Pigott gave the order to taser a mentally distressed man who posed no threat. Iman Morales, who was bipolar and suffered from schizophrenia, was naked on the ledge of a second story building. Surrounded by police he was tasered by an officer on the command of Lt Pigott and fell to his death. Shortly afterwards, whilst confined to desk duty, Pigott broke into another officer's locker, stole his service weapon, and shot himself in the head.

  The Regressives rose from the ashes of The Stockyard Stoics and members also featured in The 241ers and Morning Glory. From New York City they currently feature a line up of Joe Piglet (bass/vocals), Brendan Bekowles (guitar/vocals), Adam Schrager (guitar) and Early Gates (drums). The original line up featured Aron Gallagher on guitar.

  Two years in the making, their debut, self titled, album was recently released and it was well worth the wait. Earning rave reviews as well as comparisons to early era Against Me! and Joe Strummer's post Clash output it's one you'll want to check out... 

  This is Lt. Pigott (We Salute You).....

Arms folded in cold rejection 
Florescent lights and faded signs 
You glare and you smirk at the public you serve 
What world do you see through your reptilian eyes? 
You’re like an island in the ocean 
Embankments holding back the tide 
You build and you brace as we bury our dead 
The cracks in the concrete continue to spread 

The one good cop took himself off the streets 
He is not what his city needs 
My friend if only there were forty thousand more of you 
Lieutenant Pigott we salute you 

Lieutenant Pigott we salute you 
For your accountability

Though surrounded by liars and tyrants and cowards 
The blood on your hands couldn’t drown your humanity 
Lieutenant Pigott we salute you 
For the courage of your hand 
Though you fed at the feast and you lived as a beast
Deep in your chest beat the heart of a man 

The one good cop took himself off the streets 
He’s exactly what his city needs 
My friend if only there were forty thousand more of you 
Forty thousand crimson corpses NYPD blue 
Lieutenant Pigott we salute you 
We salute you 

On a bright Bed Stuy morning stood a man on a ledge 
A taser in hand on your shouted command 
Sent the man off his plan crashing over the edge 
They took away your badge and they took away your gun 
They said you had to wait until the paperwork was done 
Until the i’s were all dotted and the t’s all crossed 
But beneath all the ink an innocent life had been lost 
Repayable by one and only one reasonable cost 
Lieutenant Michael Pigott 
We salute you 

Iman Morales 
Fermin Arzu 
Khiel Coppin 
Gilberto Blanco 
All the victims of the beasts in blue 
We remember you

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