Thursday, 6 August 2015

Four Letter Word - Scared Of The Dark

  Recently I seem to have been posting lots of new releases, many of them from British bands, which is hopefully an indication that maybe the underground punk scene on these shores is picking up a bit. Certainly I don't remember there being as many good bands around over here back in the 90's/early 2000's (although it's quite possible I wasn't paying quite as much attention back then). One band I do remember though, who released one of my favourite albums from that period, were Four Letter Word.

  Formed in Cardiff in 1991, they stuck at it for 20 years during which time there were numerous line up changes though vocalist Welly and guitarist Jon were mainstays who both returned after short periods away. Welly has been one of the UK punk scene's most influential figures as he's been editor of Artcore Fanzine since 1986 ( and he now fronts Bristol's hardcore punk band Violent Arrest (check out their latest release here :  and back catalogue here : Keep your eyes peeled as hopefully he'll be submitting a list of his favourite 10 songs soon.

  Back to Four Letter Word, they released music on B.Y.O. Records, toured the US, and gigged with top bands such as Youth Brigade, 7 Seconds, Swingin' Utters etc... My favourite album of theirs was 2004's Like Moths To A Flame from which today's song is taken. If you are unfamiliar with them, I suggest you check out their bandcamp where you'll find free downloads of all their music :

  A highlight of that back catalogue, this is Scared Of The Dark.....


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