Saturday, 11 April 2015

Yum Yums - I Wanna Be The One


  After a couple of great hardcore tracks it's time to post one of my favourite ever power pop songs.

  The Yum Yums have been purveyors of catchy as hell power pop since 1993. Their debut single, Girls Like That (which was very nearly the song I posted today so make sure you check that out too), came out on Screaming Apple in 1994 and since then they've built up a great collection of releases, including 4 albums (and a couple of compilations).

  The Norwegian quintet currently line up thus; Morten Henriksen (vocals, guitar), Ulf Bendiksen (drums), Vibeke Saugestad (keyboards, vocals), Egil Stemkens (bass, vocals) and Gunnar Brontveit (guitar, vocals). They've lots of new songs ready to go so we can expect a new album in the not too distant future, they'd love to tour England so if anyone can help them sorting that out then it'd be much appreciated.

  If, like me, you're partial to catchy as hell, bubblegum pop then you'll love this. From 2009's Whatever Rhymes With Baby, this is I Wanna Be The One.....

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