Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Ultra Violent - Crime... For... Revenge

  As I like to mix things up on here, today I'm following up a couple of fun pop punk tunes with a song that was arguably the hardest rocking British punk song of it's day. Originally released in 1983 on Riot City Records, Ultra Violent's Crime For Revenge ep was recently remastered and re released by Static Shock and Video Disease Records.

  The band were a 4 piece who featured future English Dogs frontman Ade Bailey (vocals), Andrew "Grif" Griffiths (guitar), Simon "Duf" Duffy (bass) and his 14 year old younger brother Jared "Jaz" Duffy (drums). Previously Ade and Grif had been together in Delinquent whilst Duf and Jaz had been in Dreaded Cult.

  They got together in Jan '82 and were from Hebden Bridge which is near Halifax, West Yorkshire. They recorded a couple of demos which led to a recording session at Rochdale's famous Cargo Studios, three of the 4 tracks from that session ended up on the Crime For Revenge single. Despite it's high regard, this turned out to be the band's only release........

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