Monday, 29 December 2014

Top 10 Songs Of 2014 As Chosen By Chris Parker

  Chris Parker is guitarist and songwriter with Chain Letters ( He's made a few contributions to this blog over the course of the year and now he's kindly compiled a list of his 10 favourite songs of 2014 (not all of them were released this year but it's when he first heard them). He says they're in no particular order but he did choose a number 1 so that'll be the video you see at the bottom of the page.....

Sheer Mag - Point Breeze

The Mongrolls - Telephone

Dancer - Jodi

Nancy - (Get The) Rev Up

Mother's Children - Talk To Her

Sheer Mag - What You Want

Peach Kelli Pop - Julie Oulie (Cody Clam Version)

Sheer Mag - Hard Lovin'

Mother's Children - See The Other Guy

Neighborhood Brats - Suburbia.....

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