Friday, 19 December 2014

The Reporters - Office Staff

This should be a short write up as I know absolutely bugger all about The Reporters other than that they were on the Bored Teenagers Vol.2 compilation. A quick search reveals that what appears to be their only release was a 3 track 7" ep which came out on Clogg Town Records in 1981, it was recorded at Cargo in Rochdale and only 500 copies were pressed.
  More digging leads me to the Bored Teenagers webpage where I discover that they got together in the north west of England, in Bolton (which is about 10 miles away from where I'm sat typing this) in 1980. They consisted of brothers Nick Jackson (singer/songwriter) and Ben Jackson (drums) plus Phil Abram (lead guitar) and Keith Rigby (bass guitar).
  If anyone knows more, please add a comment. This is Office Staff......

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