Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Some words.....

 Happy Christmas everyone, I just want to quickly say thanks to everyone who's visited this blog over the last 12 months, hopefully you've enjoyed the music and maybe found some great songs you'd previously been unaware of. Thanks to all the bands and labels who haven't complained when I've uploaded their songs to youtube in order to include them herein. Also thanks to the groups and sites that haven't complained when I've over enthusiastically spammed their pages with updates, in fact thanks to everyone, 370 posts and no one's made a bad comment.
 Obviously what I'm doing isn't anything revolutionary. All the songs are available elsewhere, but you can probably never have enough webpages shouting out "listen to this, it's great." Thanks to the people who submitted their top 10's, and to the few who let me interview them, there's going to be some top 10 of 2014 lists coming up over the next few days.

  As for next year, I'm not sure i can manage another 300+ updates, I'm not sure I'll find enough music of the same quality as this year's songs so there might not be daily updates. Time will tell. I started a Facebook group solely for new punk music ( ) so please feel free to join and upload any songs you're excited about (then I can post some of them here).

Finally, in case anyone's interested, here's the 10 most viewed posts since the blog begun.....











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