Sunday, 14 December 2014

Screaming Sneakers - Violent Days

 Didn't have a clue what I was going to post today, plenty to choose from but what do I go with? I fancy something catchy and with an upbeat tempo and as I run down the list of songs that are lined up one jumps out at me. I think you'll enjoy this.
  Screaming Sneakers started life in South Florida before relocating to New York City. As far as I'm aware, the band only released the one ep, 1982's Marching Orders, and out of the 4 tracks featured on it, only one really gets the blood pumping, but what a great song it is. Featuring a top vocal from Lisa Nash, as well as the talents of Gary Sunshine (guitar), Bud Gangemi (bass) and Mark Evans (drums), this is a song that wraps up dark lyrics in a bright fizzing rush of a tune. This is Violent Days......

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  1. Yes, this song is my favorite of theirs, too (y) a very nice golden middle between street punk and post punk - it was an interesting band, and that's a pity they're quite little known.