Friday, 21 November 2014

Generacion Suicida -Todo Termina


Generacion Suicida formed in the winter of 2010 in South Central LA and currently feature a line up of Kiwi (drums/vocals), Tony (guitar/vocals), Mario (guitar) and Juan (bass). And that's your lot from their facebook profile. Their bandcamp tags them as "77 hardcore los angeles raw punk Los Angeles", which if anything makes them sound pretty angry, bloody loud and raises the possibility that they might produce a bit of a tuneless racket. Happily that isn't the case as today's song will demonstrate (although like some of the best hardcore raw punk bands you may have difficulty deciphering the lyrics, on this occasion it's nothing to do with the vocal delivery and everything to do with the fact that you possibly don't speak Spanish).
  So what do they sound like? In my opinion, top notch. On Todo Termina (which you will have noticed lurking around at the bottom of this post), they open with an eminently listenable driving guitar which is beautifully complimented by a crisp, clear vocal and restrained but impressive drumming. Definitely not raw hardcore, definitely very good indeed. You can find it on their 2014 released album of the same name if you visit here :

  I think I'm right in saying that the song concerns the themes associated with death and the feelings of sadness at the loss of a loved one but the comfort to be found in knowing that despite death separating you, one day you'll be reunited. Something hinted at in the excellent photo at the top of the post. Enjoy.....

Pienso en los amigos 
En los muertos y en los vivos 
Pienso en el pasado 

Pienso en las promesas 
En orgullos y en tristezas 
Pienso en lo acabado 

Y la vida me da riza 
Como cambian las cosas con prisa 
Amistades, relaciones 
Todo con el tiempo termina 
A pesar de todo, sigo yo 

Hace mucho daba tristeza 
La idea ke ya no regresas 
Pero estos dias ya no 
La muerte nos separa 
Pero un dia pronto acaba 
Un dia te vuelvo yo a ver


  1. haha.. I love your labels..

    I like them.. and I speak spanish and no understand them too much.. haha..

  2. maybe i'll keep them then but instead of labelling everything "punk" or "garage" or whatever i'll use tags like "snotcore" and "worshippingatthealterofthebrothersramone" or maybe not