Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Scavengers - True Love

The band featured in today's update were formed way back in the mid 70's by graphic design students Ken Cooke, Simon Monroe, Mike Simons and Marlon Hart at the Auckland Technical Institute in New Zealand and only changed their name from 1 B Darlings to The Scavengers in 1977 as a tidal wave of punk rock swept the planet. It was around this time that Hart was replaced on bass duties by future Dead Can Dance founder Brendan Perry. Using stage names such as Johnny Volume, Des Truction, Mike Lezbian etc  they played mostly cover versions in their early years but as the 70's wound down they began writing their own compositions including a couple which featured on the AK79 compilation. In 1979 they relocated to Melbourne, Australia and the following year changed their name to The Marching Girls. Possibly their best song, and one which was recorded by both The Scavengers and The Marching Girls, was True Love......

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