Wednesday 26 March 2014

The Ills - 1-2-3 Hate u

  A 1 minute blast of fuck you on the blog today from a band who's members go by the names Erika Ebola, Danny Dysentery, Ally Acidosis, Tommy Tinnitus and Stella Salmonella. The Ills are a garage/punk/pop/trash/riot grrrl 5 piece, they got together in 2010 and are currently based in Iowa City.  Influenced by the likes of Rip Off Records' Loli And The Chones and boasting "no friends, no talent, no songs over a minute and a half!" they've so far released a couple of eps and an album called Tuning Out. The first ep is available free here :
From the album, this is 1-2-3 Hate U......

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