Monday 10 March 2014

Chain Letters - Bad Reflection

Former front woman of Toronto's Young People With Faces, Sophia Dilley, relocated to L.A. and joined up with new bandmates with cool names such as Johnny Bubblegum and Violet X (and Chris Parker who possibly couldn't be bothered thinking up an alias) to form power pop/punk outfit Chain Letters. Their debut single, which sees them being compared to bands ranging from Pointed Sticks, The Avengers, The Muffs, Talulah Gosh right through to The Buzzcocks and  contains 2 tracks which indicate imminent greatness, this is Bad Reflection.....

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  1. chain letters contacted me to let me know that the version of bad reflection i posted is the demo. i'm happy enough to leave the demo as it's a great version but i'll add the 7 inch version here :

    also, this is the other side, boulevard girls :