Wednesday 1 January 2014

Onsind - Dissatisfactions

  The buzzcocks once wrote a song called raison d'être, the raison d'être for this blog is to allow me to shout out to the world about the music i love. hopefully someone, somewhere will listen to a song they haven't heard before and discover something that stimulates their ears and gets their foot tapping.

  the first couple of songs featured were by american bands, this next song is from the north east of england.

Onsind - dissatisfactions

feel free to sing along :

Crumpled papers on the front seat, 
These prescriptions give descriptions of the side effects; 
Never mess with medicine they say, 
Youʼre inconsolable, itʼs uncontrollable, 
The GPʼs hand upon your shoulder, 
Sheʼs saying "Chelsea, honey, take it day by day" 

Yeah it gets better, 
But it also could get worse, 
Tainted blessing, stubborn curse, 
And all the same, you just take it day by day (by day by day) 

So sick of fighting with your fickle fucking brain, 
This inner dialogue is driving you insane, 
But worst of all you feel mundane, 
A boring list of old complaints, 
You know the score, youʼve played the game, 
As the seasons fade away, you just take it day by day (by day by day) 

Thereʼs something wrong with me, 
I donʼt think Iʼll ever be okay, 
I just take it day by day (by day by day)

and more importantly, get the album (name your price) here :

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