Saturday, 23 November 2019

Capital Youth - Farewell

  (Photo : Mehdi Benkler / Analog photography)

  Today the search for great new punk music takes us to Switzerland and Geneva band Capital Youth. I don't know much about them but they've put out some very good music. They're a young band who play a mix of catchy '77 style punk rock, power pop and garage punk and I've managed to track down these releases by them; Lemonade ep and a song called Holiday In The Sun

  A song called City Drip, an ep called Mixtape Vol. 1 and a couple of tracks off the new ep, Mixtape Vol. 2. These are available from Roosevelt Records and you can check them out here :

  It's catchy stuff, highly recommended and in one other bit of news, they'll shortly be setting out on tour with Lyon band Not Scientists and you can check out dates here :

  This song is one of the new ones, it's an up tempo toe tapper (in the vein of Marked Men/Radioactivity at their most urgent) that should be enjoyed by pretty much everyone who visits this blog. Hopefully it's your introduction to a new favourite band. It's called Farewell... 

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