Tuesday, 21 November 2017

South Class Veterans - For Hire


  It's possible that the eagle eyed (eagle eared?) amongst you may recognise today's song. It was originally released earlier this year in demo form and it's by New Jersey street punk/oi band South Class Veterans. The band (Bosco, Dan, Sean, Greg & Scott) features members of  One4One, Oxblood and Thick As Thieves.

  Now remastered, the song will be on their debut single which will be available next month on Skin Collector Records in Brazil. A German label is scheduled to release it in Europe and the UK in April and it'll also be available in the US. In support of the single they'll be playing a number of gigs including one in January at the Brighton Bar with US Bombs. You can get more details here :  https://www.facebook.com/Southclassveterans/

  So back to today's song, it's about being working class in a world of greed. Getting up at the crack of dawn to go to a crappy minimum wage job, to slave away the day whilst your boss bitches and whines, the only respite being the all too short weekend. It's about being a cog in their wheel, just managing to get by with enough to keep a roof over your head and your family fed. It's about the life of the working man and woman. It's very good. It's called For Hire....

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