Friday, 7 April 2017

Booze & Glory - Simple


  A few weeks ago, I posted an interview with Booze & Glory in which they chatted about their new album, Chapter IV and the enormous number of gigs they have lined up throughout this year. I also asked them about alienating some of their early fans by moving away from their skinhead roots towards a more polished sound. Whatever your views are on their progression towards being a stadium friendly band I think it's hard to argue with the massive numbers of people that are now lapping up their music (my interview with them attracted twice as many views as any other post) and let's be honest, a great song is a great song no matter no matter how polished it may be. You may prefer your music a little more raw and gritty but hopefully you'll still agree that Chapter IV contains many great songs. Anything that attracts the masses to the Oi genre can't be a bad thing.

  Hopefully the above paragraph doesn't come across as me being all sniffy about Booze & Glory's radio friendly sound (not that any big radio stations appear to be interrupting their 24 hour diet of anodyne pap to feature them but many of the songs on Chapter IV would sound awesome blasting out over the airwaves), I think the new album is great but I decided to address a few of the comments I'd heard about the band and give my opinion. The massive choruses and gang vocals are still very much in place even if a combination of talented musicianship and an expensive sounding production job have filed off a few rough edges. It's not really a surprise that they're reaching so many people, they're a great band. The album's out now on Burning Heart Records and you should check it out.

  The video you'll see below was directed by Jean Christian Larche and is the first of several videos that will be released in support of the album. This is Simple....

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