Saturday, 11 March 2017

LATTE+ - Darkness Inside Your Heart

  It's Pronounced La-teh P-yoo......

  Top Italian pop punkers Latte+ return today with a song from their excellent new album, Stitches. The Ramones influenced trio, Chicco (vocals, moserite guitar), Leo (bass, backing vocals) and Puccio (drums), formed in 1997 in Empoli and have built up an impressive back catalogue of pop n roll delights. They collected together the cream of the crop on 2016's Punk Rock 20 compilation ( They also contrbuted an excellent version of Who Killed Sensei to the Teenage Bottlerocket tribute album, Skate Or Fly, that came out late last year on Ramone To The Bone Records (

  So what is Stitches like? Short answer, it's bloody good. If you enjoyed 2014's No More Than Three Chords album then you'll be pleased to know there's another 13 rocking, fun tunes. The vocals are harmonious, the choruses are catchy as hell and most importantly the guitars are low slung. Kicking off with the chanted mantra of Chin Up! Chest Out! Stitches is an infectious delight. You can snap it up from Professional Punkers (Italy/South Europe) or Monster Zero (North Europe). Alternatively it's also available digitally on Outloud! Records

  I'll be playing one of the album highlights, Everybody Listens To The Ramones Even My Mum, on the next Just Some Punk Songs show (Tuesday 14 March at 8pm gmt.... but today I'll go with their latest video, this is Darkness Inside Your Heart.....

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