Friday, 17 February 2017

S.B.F. - A Haunting We Will Go


  Tuesday's Just Some Punk Songs show earned many positive comments from the people who were listening in the chatroom and I thought I'd post one of the songs that seemed to go down a storm (If anyone wants to check out the show, it's saved here :

  S.B.F. are from California and are Cruz Somers (Socialites, UV-B, Beneath My Blood) and Raymond Schmidt (Race Car, Shrink Ray). Last year saw the release of a self titled cassette ep on Abnormal Broadcasting and it's since been remastered for vinyl by Daniel Husayn and is available from Drunken Sailor Records : There's also going to be a new 7" to watch out for on Goodbye Boozy Records.

 There's 4 songs on the current ep, they feature a drum machine, some very cool garagey guitar playing and plenty of weird electro bits. The tags on Bandcamp include hardcore punk, abnormal, Black Sabbath noise and bomb. I think it sums things up fairly well but have a listen and add your own adjectives. This is A Haunting We Will Go.....

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