Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Janitor Scum & The Scums - Shopping Cart

  Janitor Scum is a one woman maelstrom of skew whiffed punk rock that you need to hear. From Calgary, Alberta, this is the kind of inventive music that takes inspiration from The Fall and to be honest is more exciting than the material that Mark E Smith and his latest backing band are currently putting out (decent, though not earth shattering as that is). If you're gonna riff on the best, make sure you ain't a pale imitation, Janitor Scum definately succeed in that.

  A visual artist (who's put together animated videos for some of her songs) and one half of Calgary label Pee Blood Records (https://peeblood.bandcamp.com/) , Riz is the driving force behind Janitor Scum. Releases so far include the 2015 demo, the Live On CJSW ep (with backing band The Scums and featuring an awesome cover of The Fall's City Hobgoblins) and last year's debut LP (on the mega cool Lumpy label) . You can (and should) check them all out here : https://janitorscum.bandcamp.com/

  One of the many delights from the album is Shopping Cart. The version on the live ep is equally wonderful and is already on Youtube so I'll go with that. Enjoy and then go listen to everything else thus far released.....


  1. do you have an email i can contact you through?

  2. or could you email me at peeblood@gmail.com ?
    thank you

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