Friday, 3 February 2017

Grim Deeds - For Sheila


  As today ends in a Y, I suppose it's safe to say that Californian minimalist pop punk powerhouse Grim Deeds will have a new record out. It only seems like 5 minutes since the release of previous album, Schwing! (it's actually been 3 months), and since then I count 18 more releases on Bandcamp (although by the time I finish typing this intro there'll probably be several more).

  The latest of those releases is a brand new album called Trial By Stoned. It's the usual mixture of pop punk, humour and social commentary that we've come to expect and enjoy but there's also the odd moment of sadness (as you'll see below). You can check out the album here : or here :

  I was going to post the Wonk Unit tribute Honk If You Wonk but listeners to the Just Some Punk Songs show will have heard me play that a few weeks ago, plus, as I was listening to the album, the song that really jumped out was one that surfaced just before Christmas and was released as a tender farewell to someone who passed away far too soon. Proving that Grim Deeds can do heartfelt as well as comedy, this was a touching tribute to Sheila Hull, For Sheila.....

Bonded by blood like a tattooed heart their love is permanent 
The glue that binds throughout such troubled times as they knew 
A sister's loss is such a heavy cost for one to burden 
I can't imagine how her strength endures but it's true 

Did I ever tell you how much you mean to all of us? 
I'll shed a tear for Sheila, for Shelia 

We never met but still I won't forget her generous heart 
She made you feel like you were number one in her book 
And side by side you made us smile with pride to know the both of you 
The beauty of a twin sister's love remains true 

How could I take away your pain when we all share it too? 
And how can we stand by your side and give our love to you? 
I'l shed a tear for Sheila, for Sheila, for Sheila

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