Saturday, 30 April 2016

Attila the Stockbroker - Farageland

  "Working folk get conned
  they think ukip are all right
  but nigel and his friends would piss on them
  from a great height"

You'll probably know of Attila The Stockbroker but for those few who haven't had the pleasure, he was born John Baine in 1957, is from Southwick (near Brighton, England) and since the late 70's has been writing and performing his surreal brand of folk and punk inspired poetry.

  In 1994 he formed Barnstormer and regularly tours Europe with them. He still also plays many live solo shows and last year Cherry Red published his autobiography, Arguments Yard (35 Years of Ranting Verse and Thrash Mandola).

  Recently he had one of his songs, Farageland, featured on the 0161 Festival Comp 2016 and you can get it here :

    "Scapegoating immigrants, divide and rule. No thank you Farage....." This is the live version of Farageland as filmed by Day In The City in 2014.....

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  1. You're genius, just as John Baine, which I didn't now and now I do!