Thursday, 24 December 2015

Revulsion - Feed The Rich At Christmas Time

   Merry Christmas everyone, thanks for visiting Just Some Punk Songs in ever increasing numbers this year, I hope you found something you enjoyed.

  As it's Christmas day it's only right to post a festive tune. This one is by Revulsion who hailed from Norfolk , were active in the late 80's/early 90's and who's compilation album is available on Boss Tunage :

  Taken from the 1987 Consolidation ep (which was a split 7" featuring Revulsion, Rhetoric and Deviated Instinct), this is Feed The Rich At Christmas Time......

Feed the rich don't feed the poor
cos it's spending time at the local store
hand your money across the till
for this is the season of good will

Give and receive enjoy your christmas
spend your cash boost their business
it's the festive time that's full of joy
lot's of fun for girls and boys
the profits reach an all time high
they like to sell we like to buy

Feed the rich at christmas
at christmas time
drinks all round to quench your thirst
stuff yourself until you want to burst
while for lack of food other people die
so spare a thought then turn a blind eye

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