Tuesday, 12 January 2021

The Wraith - Warhead


  I was wondering what to post today and then I came across this really cool UK Subs cover and my search quickly came to an end. 

  The Wraith (https://www.facebook.com/TheWraithPunk) are a dark punk/deathrock band from Los Angeles and line up with Kaz Alvis (guitar/vocals), Davey Bales (vocals), Anatolii Lövochkin (drums) and Paul Rogers (bass/vocals). Their sound mixes up elements of 80's UK post punk (Death Cult, Killing Joke, Chameleons) with Southern Californian deathrock (T.S.O.L., Samhain) and their 2019 debut album, Gloom Ballet (https://thewraithsl.bandcamp.com/album/gloom-ballet), saw critics hurling glowing reviews in their direction. 


    And now they're back with a split cassette with Cheltenham horror punks, Screaming Dead, who contribute a song called Pretty Mess (https://screamingdead.bandcamp.com/track/pretty-mess). It's the first release in a series of monthly split cassingles from Plain Disguise records and it's a very impressive opening instalment. 

  So the UK Subs cover; it's a darkly delicious take on a classic. It's called Warhead... 

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