Monday, 17 June 2019

Grim Deeds - Cotton Candy Skies

  This initial part of my written introduction is where I'd usually say it's a welcome return from so and so but in all honesty Grim Deeds has never really been away. Squirrelled up in his Foster City home (or often in his parked car or the classroom he teaches in), Grim's been self recording and releasing his pop punk gems at an impressive rate of several per month. His modus operandi is to turn the songs out one at a time (name your price) before collecting them together on albums. Often he'll call on the services of friends to contribute their talents (Kody Templeman, Maria Surfinbird, Eddie Kobane are amongst the names in his phonebook). It's fair to say, if you're a fan of his music, you never have to wait long till the next song drops. You can open his bountiful trove of aural treasure here :

  The latest release (as of when I'm writing this though knowing Grim he'll probably release something else before I get chance to click publish!) is a catchy song for that special one. Love is in the air and Grim is going to sing about it. This is Cotton Candy Skies...

Take me away 
We’re breaking away 
I’ll never leave you sad and feelin' lonely 

‘Cause I know how it feels to be low 
And losing control 
But now i’m free cause you’re my one and only 

And we’ll be 
Sharing love that’s meant to be 
Together you and I 
Under cotton candy skies 

Kiss me again 
And tell me again 
That we will always be there for each other 

You don’t have to worry your head 
Just love me instead 
And promise we’ll be there for one another 

I can see 
You love me 
And I’m where I want to be 
Together you and I 
Under cotton candy skies 

Why am I the lucky one? 
And why did you choose me? 
There’s no explanation 
But I’m yours eternally

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