Sunday, 12 August 2018

Tony Dork - Punt Road


  When Wassup Rocker Radio host Alex Kish recommended I check out a new band called Tony Dork, I was expecting an upbeat pop punk outfit from the US that would probably be decent enough but would struggle to stand out in a crowded field. What I was pleased to discover however was another cool Australian band (this time from Melbourne) that channelled the couldn't give a fuck air of slacker cool recently given off by the likes of The Chats, Tumble Turn, Dole Checque etc.

  Playing fun pub rock with the occasional surf guitar flourish, Tony Dork is a bunch of mates who were bored enough to start a band and despite claiming not to know what they're doing seem to have quickly picked up a decent following and have recently released a very good S/T ep. Featuring Jamie (vocals), Lachie (bass), Byron (guitar) and Will (drums) the ep features 6 songs and all are winners. You can find it (along with a couple of early songs) "name your price" here :

  You can find more info here :

  This song has recently been accompanied with a video so it's the one I'll highlight today but the rest of the ep is as good so make sure you snap it up. This is Punt Road...

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