Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Hip Priests - No Time (Like Right Now)


  The Hip Priests are from Lincoln & Nottingham, have been together since 2006 and describe themselves as playing overdriven garage punk rock n roll. They claim to be the inbred, oversexed, white trash sons of Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, Lemmy and Handsome Dick Manitoba. If you're new to the band, I think by now you have a good idea what to expect.

  The line up features Nathan Von Cruz, Lee Love, Austin Rocket and Joe Blow, their influences include the likes of Motorhead, Zeke, The Stooges and The Damned and their rocking back catalogue can be checked out here :

  They've a tour lined up beginning in April comprising of gigs both on home soil and in Sweden, for more details check here : 

  Their latest release is a new 4 track ep, the title track is the one you can see below and is a 10 minute blast of uplifting rock n roll with horns, riffs and the kitchen sink all thrown into the mix. Think MC5, Rocket From The Crypt etc.

  This is No Time (Like Right Now).... 

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