Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Feature - Jealous

  Feature originally got together in Brighton towards the end of 2011 and featured (they've now split up) members of a number of other bands including Sauna Youth, Monotony, Slowcoaches and Gold Foil. Those members are Liv Willars (guitar/vocals), Jen Calleja (drums/vocals) and Heather Perkins (bass/vocals).

  Their first release was a 4 track demo and they followed it up with The Culture Of The Copy ep. 2014 saw them release a 6 track split ep with Slowcoaches and you'll find that here : https://touristsep.bandcamp.com/releases

  They returned earlier this month with their debut album, Banishing Ritual. Despite having been recorded a couple of years ago, it's only just seen the light of day, courtesy of Upset The Rhythm records. You can find it on vinyl here :  http://upsettherhythm.bigcartel.com/product/feature-banishing-ritual-lp-pre-order  or digital here : https://featureband.bandcamp.com/album/banishing-ritual

  Describing their sound as drone pop or melodic punk, they're a diy post punk 3 piece who's new album is definitely worthy of your attention. This is Jealous.....

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