Monday, 3 April 2017

BB Eye - Texas Chainsaw Mascara

  There's an in joke on the Global Punk Network that often gets trotted out whenever a song that's either ear splittingly noisy or weirdly off kilter gets played that goes along the lines of "Mrs Brookfield would like this." The truth is, she probably wouldn't, Mrs Brookfield is a fan of more melodic fare. Fortunately many GPN listeners enjoy something a little more left of centre than the norm. Several of them are fans of today's song.

  As you may have guessed if you've read this far, there's not a massive amount of info available online about BB Eye so I'm padding this intro out as best I can. From what I can gather they come from Kansas City and St Louis, they play Calypso new wave (definitely more weirdly off kilter than ear splittingly noisy) and feature members with names like  Miss Penis and Miss Lady (I think their real names are Martin Meyer and Olivia Gibb).

  They've recently released a 3 track lo fi, synth heavy 7" on Lumpy Records and you can download it here : There also seems to be a cassette on Fish Records called How To Stop Worrying And Start Quacking.

  From the single, this one's dedicated to Mrs Brookfields everywhere,  it's called Texas Chainsaw Mascara....

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