Sunday, 16 April 2017

Abrazos - History Repeats


  Abrazos are a UK hardcore punk band who take their name from a song off San Francisco outfit N/N's 2nd 7" Pasivo Muerta. N/N were a politically active Latino band who's stripped back, straight ahead songs were a big influence on Abrazos.

  Lining up with Tony Suspect and Alan Marshall (both also members of The Shorts (, Abrazos released a demo last year and now they return with a 9 track album which with only one track venturing over the 1 minute mark, certainly doesn't outstay it's welcome. They're hoping to put out a physical release eventually but until then you can get a free download here : 

  The album deals with a number of issues such as animal rights, armchair racism, greedy bankers and deceitful government lies. The song I'm posting below is the title track and it calls for people to stand up to the rise of the right wing. This is History Repeats.....

Like 1933 
Never learn from history 
Sleepwalking to the right 
Might is never right 

Ruled by an elite 
Who's power we must defeat 
Now not with your feet 
Get out on the street


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