Sunday, 19 February 2017

Joe Zero - Love and the Vampire

  Former Victim & Androids frontman Joe Zero continues his build up towards the summer release of his second solo album, The Eternity Man, by releasing a fang-tastic new single. The Manchester based solo artist, real name Joe Moody, has been releasing a single a month since his politically acerbic Christmas offering, Syria. This time around he's penned a true story of a woman who dresses in a long black gothic coat and could very well be trouble but she's too alluring to resist. Titled Love And The Vampire, it's an infectious kick ass rock n roll song with added punk rock bite. You can find it here :

  If you're anywhere near Belfast on 1st April, you'll be able to catch Joe performing an acoustic set at the Belfast Pavilion as part of the Punk For The Homeless benefit. He'll be sharing a stage with Northern Irish legends Protex, Stop Stop Start Again and The Inflatable Dolls.

  Accompanied by a video featuring some classic vampiric clips, this is Love And The Vampire.....

When we go out drinking, 
You always buy me double! 
This got me thinking, 
Perhaps you are just trouble! 

But when the Moon shines bright 
And your eyes are all aglow... 
And when you lick your lips... 
I love your Moonlight Show! 

For you're my Vampire Love! 
You're my Vampire Love! 
You're my Vampire Love... 

When you walk in the Graveyard, 
With your long black Gothic coat, 
You give me goosebumps, 
When you stare at my throat! 

You are my Vampire, my little Vampire! 

She is my Vampire Girl ( My Vampire Baby) 

"Girl I'm just a Vampire for your Love... 
And I'm gonna Suck ya!!!"

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