Thursday, 16 February 2017

Holiday - No More Coats, No More Homes

  ''The show is over. The audience get up to leave their seats. Time to collect their coats and go home. They turn around. No more coats and no more home''.

  I first came across Holiday a few years ago when I heard their excellent self titled debut ep and after a quick check I'm surprised to discover it's almost 3 years since I posted Missiles On The Roof ( ).

  Since then they've released a split ep with Epic Problem and they posted a Christmas song on Bandcamp. You can snap up all those releases name your price here :

  The reason for them returning to Just Some Punk Songs today is so that I can share the news that there'll be a debut album coming out on 31st March. It's titled California Steamin' and it'll be on Antikoerper-Export. If you're a vinyl junkie you might want to pre order one of the limited edition Ganja Green vinyl copies  ( ). It'll also be available through Brassneck Records, Pumpkin Records, No Time Records and Predudice Me Records & Distro.

  Adz, Ry, Paul and Matt will be touring France and Spain during March and April and there's also a few UK dates as well. More details are available on Facebook....

  As a taste of things to come, the band have just released a new video. Making me await the album release with a fervant anticipation, this is No More Coats, No More Homes.....


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