Friday, 1 July 2016

JJ Doll - You Come First

  On the Just Some Punk Songs show that went out earlier this week (if you missed it, it's saved here : I played a song from the new s/t 7" from hardcore punks JJ Doll. It went down a storm with those punk fanatics that seem to have nothing better to do on a Tuesday night than hang around in the show's chatroom shooting the breeze so it wasn't a hard decision to post a track on here.

  The band are from New York and feature most of the members of the now defunct Ivy, as well as members of Kaleidoscope, Deformity, Vanity, Weird TV etc...... (you can check out Ivy's A Cat's Cause, No Dogs Problem ep here : ).

  This time around Ivy's guitarist Sara Abruna is on vocals for JJ Doll. Also, their sound is slightly more accessible despite still being ragged and raw, in your face hardcore punk.

  They self released a demo back at the turn of the year ( and now they're back with an ep on Katorga Works that really hits the spot. You can find it "name your price" here :

  I played She's Onto You on the show so today you're getting the lead track, this is You Come First.....

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