Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hysterese - Cancer & Cake

  A couple of days ago I did a Just Some Punk Songs North London Bomb Factory special show and it seemed to go down very well with those who listened live. An added bonus for those that were in the chatroom was that Daniel Husayn joined us to discuss the songs that had all been mastered by himself, he revealed he's working on a number of new projects (over 50 if I remember rightly, one of them being a new record by Eat//Read//Sleep who feature members of Hysterese). Anyone who would like to hear the show, it's saved here :

  Today, I'm posting a song by a band that proved very popular on the show. Hysterese are from Tubingen, Germany and have released a couple of very decent self titled albums : They play dark, melodic, catchy punk that features both male and female vocals and has drawn comparisons with the likes of Red Dons, Masshysteri, Autistic Youth and Wipers. The line up features Helen (vocals/guitar), Haug (vocals/bass), Kai (drums) and Moritz (guitar).

  On the show I played Asperger Youth so today I'll go with another song from the 2nd album, this is Cancer & Cake.....

he got cancer and he got cake why is it not the other way round? there is no such thing like a punchline and i ask the wrong questions 
and i know that since like forever but it doesn't get better anyway life fades into nothing

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