Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Muff Wigs - Teenage ASBO

  The Muff Wigs are a five piece street punk band from Workington, England who feature Steve Akitt (vocals), Liam Reilly (vocals), Sean Askew (guitar), Dan Henderson (bass) and Andrew Potts (drums). They've been around for over a decade though an early incarnation of the band saw them as a 7 piece ska punk act. Nowadays they're a leaner, meaner proposition writing and singing about the issues that affect them and those around them in the north of England.

    So far they've released a couple of eps (In The Pit, Damaged) and the recent debut album (No More Excuses). You can check out their music on Soundcloud :

  From the new album, this is Teenage ASBO......

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