Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Fallout - Fight For The Sun

  You may remember that I recently posted an update featuring REDS covering a Rebel Spell song which they dedicated to the memory of Todd Serious (if you missed the song then you should check it out). Today's update also features a Rebel Spell song, a version of a song which will feature on a forthcoming compilation called Rebels Sing : A Tribute To Todd Serious And The Rebel Spell.

  The Fallout have featured previously with a killer track called Talkin' Punk Rock Civil War ( ) and I'm more than happy to have them back again today. From Toronto, they're one of Canada's greatest bands and you can check out their music here : According to their Bandcamp page, they're recording new material!

  I really like this one, it's called Fight For The Sun and it originally featured on The Rebel Spell's Last Run album (you can check out that version here :


You might believe this is a real nice place where everyone is free and more or less safe
But did ya know around the world they’ve locked up about 10 million people?
You might not have known but that just changed don’t confuse this for justice just cruel and insane
But to those among us that know and are raising hell to free them

Fight for the sun my bold friends, fight for the sun this night will end. I promise...
Fight for the sun my bold friends, fight for the sun this night will end Fight for the sun fight for the sun fight for the sun it’s coming

We might look different but we’re all the same in that we all need to move and feel love to stay sane
But our cruel species withholds these rights from 25 Billion creatures
How many years cutting day and night would it take to sever that much chain?
You need to help what will it take to get you all to see this!?

I wait they wait when is it coming? Don’t wait, they wait you must bring the sun.

Let’s go bass man walk me home now
It’s only music but I’ve got you listening
Crank the volume bring the rage up
Harder drummer let them hear it
I need some voices a thousand voices
I need you all and one more thing
guitar guitar guitar guitar 

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