Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Dwarves - Looking Out For Number One

  Ok, I confess. I've ulterior motives for posting a song today by those purveyors of good taste, The Dwarves. It's because not only do The Dwarves rock, they also pull in the most visitors to this blog. Anything Dwarves related gets attention.

  And the reason for wanting your attention today?  Well tonight, at 8pm GMT (yep, that's GMT, a time when most of you guys in the US are out at work so won't be around anyway!) Just Some Punk Songs will be broadcasting it's first proper internet show.

  It's a show that's part of the newly formed (and newly renamed) Global Punk Network and it'll feature an hour packed full of great new(ish) punk music (including a track from The Dwarves, although I haven't decided which one yet). The intention is for there to be punk music shows streaming live 24/7 so if you fancy checking it out this is the Facebook Group :

  As for the Just Some Punk Songs show, as I mentioned, it starts at 8pm GMT and it'll be here :

  For those of you that can't listen live, the show will be saved so that you can stream it at your convenience. I did a test run last night so there's already a show saved (tonight's will be all different songs). There's no sound for a minute or so as I hadn't put the volume up!

  Please listen if you can as I just do it as I'm a punk fan and I enjoy pointing people in the direction of great music that they might otherwise miss. Like this blog, it's an amateurish labour of love. Also check out some of the other shows as there's some really great and varied ones.

  Back to The Dwarves, I've already written about them elsewhere on here and you all know how great they are so let's just get to the song.

  Looking Out For Number One.....

I saw my girl, she was hanging
By a thread, she was gone
Left a note, wrote in crayon
Saying, “So long, death lives on”
I really thought that she loved me
Because we’ve had so much phun
Now I’m living on the run, looking out for number one

I took a ride to the city
Had to get out of this town
My little girl looked so pretty
When they laid her in the ground
Her daddy said he don’t like me
But he don’t like anyone
And now I’m living on the run, looking out for number one

I had a drink at the station
Had to get out of my head
Saw my face on a TV
Wanted dead was all it said
Now my life could be ending
When it’s only just begun
And now I’m living on the run, looking out for number one

One day she - laughed at me
And left me dunder-hearted
L.A.P.D. is after me
Let’s get this party started

I’m looking out for number one

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