Monday, 1 February 2016

Saccharine Trust - I am Right

  Today's song is by Saccharine Trust, the Californian post-hardcore band that was formed in 1980 by vocalist Jack Brewer and guitarist Joe Baiza. The song that I'm posting featured on their 1981 Paganicons ep and is called I Am Right.

  The reason I'm posting it is because it featured on a new online radio show called Stench Of Hardcore. Hosted by former Discharge/Flux Of Pink Indians/Dr And The Crippens drummer Dave Ellesmere, it features the best punk and hardcore music around. Also featured is a weekly section called Mick's Pick in which I've been asked to select a band to spotlight a song by (last night's debut Mick's Pick was by Wolf Bites Boy).

  If you want to either listen or get involved, the show starts at 7pm GMT every Sunday here : Whilst listening you can sign into the chat room and shoot the breeze with other kindred spirits. There's also a Facebook group that's proving increasingly popular :

  If you can't tune in live, you can stream the shows (including last nights which was pretty damn awesome) here :
It's a new venture and hopefully some of you guys will check it out.

  Back to today's song, this is I Am Right........

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