Thursday, 24 December 2015

Top 10 Of 2015 Chosen By Sub Grunk

  Up and coming Sheffield punk band Sub Grunk featured on this blog back in August and they're back today sharing their favourite songs of 2015. Earlier this year they released their debut ep, Manufactured Rebellion. You can snap it up "name your price" here :

  Thanks guys........

1.Leftöver Crack - System Fucked

2.Good Riddance - Running On Fumes

3.Middlename -


4.Irrational Act - Doesn't Really Matter

5.Strung Out - Nowheresville

6.Teenage Bottlerocket - They call me steve

7.The Decline - New Again

8.Flag on fire - Indiana Drones

9.Castoff -True Wealth

10.Sub Grunk - Fuck Pop Punk

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