Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Stungrenades - I Just Can't Be Happy


  Today's song is a 41 second blast of "short, sharp and pissed off punk" from New Zealand.

  The Stungrenades hail from New Plymouth and feature Craig Bastard (vocals), T-Boner (guitars), Scotty Shmuck (bass) and Cam Grenade (drums). They've burst onto the scene this year with a debut single, 666-13 and debut album, Front Toward Enemy. With most of the songs clocking in around the 1 minute mark, The Stungrenades certainly live up to their name, brief explosions of glorious noise will send you reeling before they push onto the next track. Out on Bastard Son Records you can check them out here :

  Pick of the bunch? Not easy to choose just one but I'll go for I Just Can't Be Happy.......

I Just Can't be Happy 

I can't take anymore 
my head is at war 
leave me alone 
I just can't be happy 
I may be depressed 
my brain just won't rest 
I just can't be happy today. 

I'm right I decide, 
I won't suicide 
I've still got my pride 
I just can't be happy 
Things will work out 
of that I've no doubt 
but only for now 
I just can't be happy today

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