Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Gunflowers - Vote For UKIP And I'll Piss In Your Bin

  I started the New Punk Rock Music group on Facebook to provide people in bands, or people who came across new and exciting punk music, a platform in which they could share those new sounds with the world. (A bit optimistic to think that the whole world would get to hear some new punk music but as there must be millions (billions?) of Facebook users so at least a potential audience is out there). An added incentive was that great new songs would be added meaning that my task of finding updates for this blog would be a little easier.

  One such addition to the group was posted by Mott Spore (who if you aren't aware is involved with Musically Fresh, an independent music website that's "discovering up and coming talent and highlighting them to the world."  You can check those guys out here :

  Anyway, the post that Mott made was The Gunflowers ep by The Gunflowers. The band, who hail from Bath, describe their sound as lo-fi punk though they have a range of influences running from The Clash and encompassing artists as diverse as The Libertines, White Stripes, The Orwells, The Cure and Pulled Apart By Horses. They consist of George Thornton (vocals), Bradley White ("guitar thing"), Alex Cairns ("big guitar thing") and Louis Cherniavsky (drums).

  Previous to the current ep, they released a debut single at the start of the year called Rotten Pills, both releases can be checked out here :

  I uploaded a song onto youtube earlier today so that I could share it with you on here and already it's received the following comment :

"Hey uploader.... Friday prayers tomorrow and don't forget to hand in your  
daughters to the local mosque once they turn 9 years old.... That is the

Britain you have an active roll in creating for the future.... When the 

revolution starts, I hope you are killed..... BY MUSLIMS."

  Maybe you agree with the sentiments expressed in the song, maybe you don't, either way I hope you agree it's a catchy little fucker. It's rather snappily entitled Vote For UKIP And I'll Piss In Your Bin.....

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