Thursday, 28 May 2015

Dirty Fences - Judy (Don't Go)

"Full Tramp is filthy driving rock and roll with an air of irreverence that's entirely addictive"

  Anyone who's not paying attention and who just clicks on the video at the bottom of the page might initially think that I'm posting a song by an all girl band for the second day running. In actual fact, Dirty Fences are inspired on this one by the idea of The Shangri-Las, directed by John Waters, appearing on The Ed Sullivan show.

  The band are from New York City, were raised on a diet of Kiss and Motley Crue, discovered and fell in love with The Dictators and The Ramones and combined elements of both genres to create a style of 70's street level punk rock n roll that has a Tommy Ramone beat, with the attitude of Eddie Cochrane and harmonies galore. Attendees of the same Boston high school, Max Comaskey (bass/vocals), Jack Daves (vocals/guitar) and Max Hiersteiner (drums/vocals) have been playing together since 2009. Relocating to Brooklyn they added Max Roseglass (guitar/vocals) to the line up.

  They followed up a 6 track s/t ep with a debut album, Too High To Kross. 2014 saw them release the Ladies Choice 7" and a split single with Californian rockers The Shine. Now signed to Slovenly Records they've recently unleashed album number two, Full Tramp, which sees them raise their game and is attracting plenty of rave reviews. You can stream it here :   or check out the Slovenly Bandcamp page :

  For their earlier releases click here :

  In summation, they're a little like the musical version of Quentin Tarantino, cherry picking the best of various genres and remoulding them in their own image to produce something fresh, fun and exciting. This one's called Judy (Don't Go)......


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